Best US beaches to visit in 2024

1. Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

This 3-mile stretch of palm-studded sand is perfect for swimming, cliff diving, and admiring occasional rainbows

2. Siesta Beach, Florida

Known for its fine quartz sands, Siesta Beach secured the No. 9 spot on Tripadvisor’s global beach rankings.

3. Poipu Beach Park, Hawaii

This Kauai beach features golden sand and is perfect for snorkeling, surfing, and witnessing breathtaking Hawaiian sunsets

4. Hollywood Beach, Florida

A scenic boardwalk along the Atlantic coastline draws joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, and walkers

5. La Jolla Cove, California

Known for its natural beauty, La Jolla Cove offers stunning coastal views and opportunities for snorkeling and exploring sea caves.

6. Cannon Beach, Oregon

This moody beach is famous for its dramatic rock formations, including the iconic Haystack Rock

7. Santa Monica State Beach, California

Enjoy the sun, surf, and the lively atmosphere of Santa Monica’s beachfront

8. Driftwood Beach, Georgia

A photographer favorite, Driftwood Beach features weathered trees and driftwood, creating a unique and picturesque landscape

9. Coligny Beach, South Carolina

This family-friendly beach offers gentle waves and a relaxing atmosphere

10. Ocean City Beach, Maryland

With its sandy shores and vibrant boardwalk, Ocean City Beach is a classic East Coast destination

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