Top 9 Unbelievable Facts About Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Youngest BAFTA Winner (Male): Won at 20 for "Nowhere Boy."

Married to Golden Globe Winner: Director Sam Taylor-Johnson ("Fifty Shades of Grey")

Kick-Ass to Superhero: Played Kick-Ass and Quicksilver (MCU)

Avengers: Age of Ultron Fun Fact: Wife directed "Fifty Shades" & co-star auditioned for Quicksilver!

Nomination Snub: Deserving performance in "Nocturnal Animals" went unrecognized by the Academy

Collaboration with Renowned Directors: Worked with Oliver Stone, Joe Wright, and Tom Ford

Master of Accents: Effortlessly performs American, British, and Russian accents

Name Change: Added wife's surname after marriage (from Aaron Johnson)

Supporting Role Accolades: Recognized for "Nocturnal Animals" and "The Trial of the Chicago 7"

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